Elective V: Forensic Psychology (Reality & Reality Plus Might 2024)


Part B – Syllabus


1. Psychology/ Forensic Psychology

a. Common/Cognitive Psychology

b. Irregular/ Scientific Psychology

c. Industrial/ Organizational Psychology

d. Social Psychology

e. Biopsychology

2. Criminology

a. Crime & Deviance

b. Criminology

c. Crime Prevention

d. Faculties of Criminology

e. Legal Justice System

f. Legal Regulation & Process

g. Criminological Analysis & Statistical Functions

h. Juvenile Delinquency

i. Victimology

3. Aptitude in Forensic Science

a. Fundamentals of fundamental Sciences as utilized to Forensic Investigation

b. High quality Management and High quality Assurance within the evaluation of proof supplies and Proficiency check

c. Strategies and Devices for Proof evaluation: Precision, accuracy, error fee and standardization

d. Skilled testimony within the Courtroom of Regulation, Admissibility of Proof

e. Legal guidelines related to Forensic Science

f. Ethics in Forensic Science

4. Reasoning

a. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

b. Analogies c. Similarities

d. Relationship Ideas

e. Arithmetical

f. Visible Reminiscence

g. Discrimination

h. Reasoning

i. Variations

j. House Visualization

ok. Drawback Fixing

l. Evaluation

m. Judgement

n. Verbal and Determine Classification

o. Quantity Collection Remark

p. Determination Making


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