Farm to Desk: The Workflow of a Classification Mannequin | by John Lenehan | Apr, 2024


Evaluating logistic regression and random forest classification in recipe suggestions

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A typical machine studying workflow hardly ever includes making use of one single strategy to the issue at hand. Fashions usually undergo an iterative course of with numerous strategies utilized and evaluated. Characteristic engineering methods are examined, discarded, then revisited; algorithms and their parameters are iterated exhaustively, typically for only a fraction of a proportion enchancment. This cyclical technique of experimentation and refinement is important in working in direction of a sturdy resolution.

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The next article is an illustration of a typical workflow in making ready, testing, evaluating, and scoring a classification mannequin for a given downside. On this instance, the product group of a hypothetical cooking web site is making an attempt to enhance their present system of choosing recipes for the web site’s entrance web page, by implementing a machine studying system primarily based on previous efficiency of recipes they’ve manually chosen. To that finish, two algorithms are utilized — a Logistic Regression…


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